About Turbo Jam

Turbo Jam ProgramTurbo Jam is the breakthrough home fitness program by Chalene Johnson. Every workout is packed with calorie-blasting body sculpting, kickboxing, and the hottest dance music.

Last year, more than a million people used the Turbo Jam workout program to get the body of their dreams… and now the latest version of the Turbo Jam program has been supercharged so you can burn more fat and calories and see results faster than ever!

The secret to the effectiveness of Turbo Jam is Chalene Johnson’s “Elite 11″ signature moves. These workout routines are proven to burn fat, give you a sleek, sexy body, and ripped, rock-hard abs. Chalene’s incredible moves target your core and abs and guarantee results!

Inspired martial arts and dance moves, each exercise targets a specific body part or muscle group and works quickly to strengthen and sculpt your physique as well as promote overall balance and core strength. Turbo Jam moves are fun, effective, and most importantly — they really work!

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